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Kansas Legal Documents and Forms


In many spheres of inter-personal cooperation or that going on between legal entities, to ensure the safety of each of the parties involved in a particular deal and overall legitimacy of the operation, there are legal documents and forms that are required for the aforementioned purposes. Laws, regulations, and types of legal documents vary by state. In Kansas, to complete certain registration processes one may need to get one or another official form issued and signed. At times, some legal documents may demand the notary public’s involvement. While some individuals may deem the completion of such documents odd and unnecessary, it is highly recommended that the forms should be filled properly and timely for the successful results of the procedure, be it a divorce or a purchase of a motor vehicle.

Let us introduce a list of the most commonly used legal forms in the state of Kansas.

Below, we will look at the short descriptions of peculiarities of the most used legal forms in Kansas and discover their applicability.

1. Kansas Last Will and Testament Form

This legal document is one of the most used forms if the estate planning is concerned. It comprises not only the actual commodities and the order of their inheritance, but it also enables the creator of the form to choose an agent responsible for the organization and the outcomes of the creator’s funeral process. Besides, the form is applied in situations when the choice and assignment of a guardian for a baby or a pet is considered. Should anyone have certain dependents, the Last Will and Testament form might come in handy. Furthermore, if you decide to transfer your money for charity purposes, you might require the form completed and signed appropriately. The document also contains all important details concerning the creator’s info, dates and signatures demanded, and the notary public’s involvement at times. To ensure the will of the creator is carried out in the most appropriate way, the completion of the Kansas Last Will and Testament Form is highly recommended.

2. Kansas Bill of Sale Template

The Kansas Bill of Sale is a special legal document that is a must-have in situations when a deal involving the transfer of some asset from one person to another is concerned. As to the parties that can initiate the creation of the Bill of Sale, they can be individual and business entities that wish to legitimate the deal and make efforts to maintain the correctly arranged documentation in order to simplify solving all probable issues in the future. The types of the Bill of Sale vary state-wise. As to the items the deals with which might demand the creation of the Bill of Sale, a vehicle, a boat, or even a piece of furniture are most frequently included in bills of sale. In Kansas, in particular, the most used Bill of Sale forms are the Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale and the Kansas Boat Bill of Sale.

Let us delve into the details of each of the types:

  • The Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

In the event when it is necessary for an individual or a business entity to provide evidence of the sale or purchase of a motor vehicle, the Vehicle Bill of Sale is highly recommended to Kansas residents. When ownership of a sold or bought item is changed during the deal, it is important to have the Bill of Sale completed to conform with the state laws and to ensure the safety of the operation. To minimize risks of any fraudulent activity on the part of a potentially dangerous seller, the buyer should initiate the process of the creation of the document. On the other hand, the development of the legal form will facilitate the other party by granting that the rights of both parties involved are protected with all due legitimacy. Also, the document might be needed in certain registration procedures, for example, in the Kansas Vehicle Registration process.

  • The Kansas Boat Bill of Sale

Another no less popular legal document ordinarily created in Kansas is the Kansas Boat Bill of Sale. Just like the aforementioned Vehicle Bill of Sale, this one serves the same purposes, namely, providing utmost legitimacy of the sale/purchase operations. However, this one regards the deals involving the transfer of boats. In a situation when a boat is being sold or bought, one of the parties concerned can initiate the process of the creation of the Boat Bill of Sale. The procedure is indiscriminately beneficial for the buyer and the seller, and it provides the safety of the entire operation. When ownership of a boat is being transferred, the Kansas residents are highly recommended to consider the completion of the Boat Bill of Sale. It can also be important in terms of document storage, because issues may arise, and one should be well-prepared to be able to solve them without any severe drawbacks.

3. Kansas Power of Attorney Forms

If any individual entity wants to assign a certain agent to take care of the process of decision-making on behalf of the individual, he or she needs to create a special legal document to ensure the utmost legitimacy and correctness of the procedure and get the best results. For this very purpose, one can initiate the development of the Power of Attorney form. The types and the concerned regulations vary by state. In Kansas, if a person wants to designate an agent to handle medical, financial, and other operations on behalf of the creator, the person should create the Kansas Power of Attorney form. Most often, as an agent, people prefer to assign their spouse or any other close person they can entrust the serious business of making decisions.

In Kansas, there are nine main types of Power of Attorney forms:

  1. General Power of Attorney
  2. Limited Power of Attorney
  3. Durable Power of Attorney
  4. Minor Power Of Attorney
  5. Medical Power of Attorney
  6. Real Estate Power of Attorney
  7. Tax Power of Attorney
  8. Revocation Power of Attorney
  9. Vehicle Power of Attorney

Let us consider one of the most widely used types of legal forms issued in Kansas, the Kansas Durable Power of Attorney Form.

  • Kansas Durable Power of Attorney Form

This legal document is a special form that is used to legitimately transfer certain powers from one person to another. The parties— the principal and the agent— make an official agreement that the agent is enabled to perform actions on behalf of the principal in the spheres of medical decisions and beyond. Generally, the two parties are spouses, which is understandable, because they must be the closest persons and the best choice to delegate the responsibilities in question. The document includes all necessary details concerning the range of responsibilities for the agent and the guarantees for the creator of the document, the principal. There are several versions of the Kansas Durable Power of Attorney form; however, all of them are united by the word ‘Durable’in their titles, which implies that an agent will be able to perform all the required operations even if the principal becomes unable to affect the process of decision-making by themselves, becoming incapacitated. In other words, the authority of the agent will last even if the principal is disabled or passed away.

4. Kansas Small Estate Affidavit Form

This legal form is widely used in Kansas, as well. When a person has died and left behind a certain estate valued at more than $40,000, a certain legal document is needed to ensure the procedure of the asset transfer is done correctly and in line with local and governmental laws. The document makes it possible to transfer a small-size estate without any troubles usually posed by probate courts’ requirements. The document contains the details concerning the county of the decedent’s residence, the date of their death, information regarding the relationship between the descendant and the potential heir, and details about the asset inherited, with its descriptions and value. In Kansas, to make the operation of creating the Small Estate Affidavit absolutely legitimate, one needs to ensure the presence of the notary public when the signatures are put. The completion of the Kansas Small Estate Affidavit Form is a must for those who want to minimize the complexity of the asset’s transfer and embrace full legitimacy.

5. Kansas Promissory Note Template

There is another legal form widely used in Kansas. The Kansas Promissory Note is an official legal paper that provides protection for a property lender and their money. In situations when a person lends another one a certain sum of money, the timely return and full reimbursement of the loan are very important for the loaner. To protect their own rights, loaners in Kansas tend to create the Kansas Promissory Note. The document may also include the usury rate if the creator finds the measure applicable. According to Kansas Statutes Chapter 16-207, the usury rate is generally around 10%, while the limit is 15%. There are two types of documents: the Secured Promissory Note and the Unsecured Promissory Note. The former is more beneficial, as it contains the plan of the reimbursement, while the latter doesn’t. The form also contains all details regarding the payments and installments, as well as the fees required. The signatures of the parties are demanded, as well as the presence and a sign of a witness.

6. Kansas Non-compete Agreement Template

If a person wants to have some guarantees to be sure there will be no unfair competition on the part of their competitors. The form is widely used when corporate entities want to establish a clear and straightforward way of cooperation, excluding any fraudulent activity aimed at gaining unfair profit by implementing unfair practices. Also, the Kansas Non-compete Agreement can be used during the process of onboarding a new employee. The paper will ensure the information the employee gets from the company will not be used against the company in question or transferred to any third party for the same purpose. The agreement can last beyond the time of cooperation between the entity and a new employee. The completion of the document requires professional assistance on the part of an experienced lawyer. Such agreements are common for the Kansas residents and they are considered valid if the public welfare is not compromised, and the paper is developed properly. The paper includes information regarding the purpose of the form, the list of restricted actions, conditions imposed for the parties, and signatures of the parties involved.

7. Kansas Prenuptial Agreement Form

Another important legal document that the residents of Kansas usually tend to create is the Kansas Prenuptial Agreement Form. The paperwork is actually an agreement that spouses-to-be create and sign before the marriage procedure. The document is aimed at clarification and disclosure of the rights both parties of the document have regarding the property they own independently or share. The form is needed in the situations when one needs to clarify which particular assets and items of property each of the parties can control, and to what extent. If an unfortunate event of divorce has occurred, the Prenuptial Agreement is a must-have to solve the issue of the property division, which is of great assistance to both parties concerned. The agreement includes all the information chosen by future spouses as necessary, and the form comes in force once it is considered and signed by both parties only. While some people consider such measures odd and even insulting, at times, it has been proven that the completion of the form can minimize the risks of severe issues arising between the divorced manifold.

8. Kansas LLC Operating Agreement

This is a legal document that is widely used by business entities of any caliber and field of industry. Its aim is to simplify and legitimate the process of establishment of a business, clarify relationships between the persons or entities involved, and set standards to operating processes, and more! While it is not required by Kansas law to inevitably create the document, the form’s development may turn out really beneficial in many spheres of business. Once a business faces litigation or a severe failure, the assets of the member will be defended. Besides that, the document ensures that certain tax benefits will be gained by the creator. Otherwise, the benefits will not be available. There are two types of Kansas LLC Operating Agreement: the Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement ( created and used by the companies with at least two members), and the Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement, created by individual proprietors. The purposes of the forms include daily activity records, formats of business procedures, and protection of the rights of all the entities involved.

9. Kansas Quitclaim Deed

Last but not least, the Kansas Quitclaim Deed form requires attention, as well. This official legal document is needed to ensure that the full (or no) interest is transferred to the seller of the property. Usually, members of the same family, spouses, or other close relatives, tend to create the form to clarify the procedure of the real estate transfer in the state of Kansas. There exist various types of documents, based on peculiarities and the actual situation. Besides the family members, a creator of the Quitclaim Deed is enabled to choose any person they trust to complete the legitimate creation of the form. One should also find out whether there are hidden interests in the chosen property. The Kansas residents can easily find the required information by county. As a perk, some counties provide the opportunity of online search. While the legal document conveys the info regarding the interest for the grantor, the clear title is not assured by the form. In Kansas, there exist regulations on the creating, recording, and signing of the form. Check with the latest regulations to ensure the best results of the procedure.

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