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Kansas Prenuptial Agreement Form

A Kansas prenuptial agreement is a contract between future spouses that is concluded before their marriage and is aimed at establishing the rights and obligations of each party with the property. The form establishes the degree of ownership of movable and immovable property by each of the spouses. It also defines how the property will be divided in case of divorce or any other separation. It is a convenient legal tool that allows you to prevent problems in the future. When it comes to the shared ownership of property, the case has many legal details and subtleties.

Why do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

This form allows you to manage the ownership of financial assets, apartments, land plots, cars, and so on. The document assumes the disclosure of information to your future spouse for the legal joint ownership and management of the property. The Kansas prenuptial agreement defines the following cases of ownership:

  • Terms for the Use of Joint Property

Every person who gets married has some property. Through the prenuptial agreement, you can determine the part of your property that you will own jointly with your future spouse after the wedding. The document also defines the rules for the use of the property that you will acquire in common during your marriage. For example, if you build a house or take out a mortgage together, now you can decide how the responsibility for these purchases will be distributed.

It is also significant that the form allows you to predict the division of property after divorce. Few people think about it before the wedding, but this is a point that deserves attention. If you specify these conditions in the prenuptial agreement, it will simplify the procedure of judicial separation, if necessary.

  • Business ownership

If you are going to transfer part of the securities to your future spouse, write this down in the prenuptial agreement. The established rules of joint ownership of the business will help to avoid misunderstandings during the marriage. Some businessmen indicate in the document that the securities are their private property. In the event of a divorce, it goes to the previous owner. Other people give part of the securities to their spouse for permanent possession. In short, it is better to determine all these conditions before marriage.

  • Taxes and Expenses

This section regulates the order of the daily life of the spouses. Here you can describe such routine tasks as paying taxes (jointly or alternately) and distributing responsibilities for household expenses (repairs, car maintenance, large and small purchases, and so on). The more carefully you think about your everyday life together at the beginning of marriage, the less trouble you will face in the future. Therefore, you should not assume that it will work itself out, but register the terms in the agreement.

  • Disclosure of Financial Information

The future spouses disclose to each other information on the accounts and all the pieces of the property that they possess. Here you do not establish the terms of joint ownership of property since this section is more informational than regulatory.

  • Other Conditions of Marital Life

If you and your future spouse have agreed on additional rules that any of the previous sections do not include, write them down here. The only condition is that these agreements do not contradict the rules of the state of Kansas. Under the law, you cannot determine the degree of responsibility of each spouse for the upbringing and support of children. This case is established by the court.

Please note that a prenuptial agreement is valid only if it is signed by both sides. You can make changes to the contract by making an additional entry to the main form. This entry must also be confirmed by both spouses. To clarify the issues, you can contact the District Court of Kansas for Cheyenne County.

Legal Justification of a Prenuptial Agreement

The prenuptial agreement is governed by Chapter 23 of the Kansas Statutes. Paragraphs 2401 to 2411 define the basic rules for drawing up this form. Here are the main points that you should pay attention to first of all:

  • Paragraph 2403

It requires that you create an agreement in writing and that both parties certify it with signatures. You do not need to notarize the document, but both spouses must confirm the information.

  • Paragraph 2404

Here you will find a list of topics that you can include in your prenuptial agreement in Kansas. We have described the main topics of this document above. Remember that you can’t set the rules for child custody through this form.

  • Paragraph 2405

This section makes the agreement valid after the marriage between the parties who signed the document.

  • Paragraph 2406

Here are the legal terms for the termination of the contract between the spouses.

  • Paragraph 2407

This section describes cases where the agreement cannot be valid within Kansas. For example, if the parties were not honest in disclosing financial information, or if it turned out that the party(s) signed the contract under threat.

Keeping in mind the main content of the prenuptial agreement in Kansas, you can easily fill out the template of this form. Do not hesitate to inform your future spouse of your terms and wishes for joint ownership, as this will help you avoid family conflicts. The legal regulation of your interests will become the basis for resolving disputes if they arise.

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